Microsoft Lumia 650 Wi-Fi issue

It is very convenient to use the Wi-Fi via your Microsoft Lumia 650, especially in public spaces or inside the house. But it is not rare that your Microsoft Lumia 650 can no longer connect to the Wi-Fi network. We will see in detail how to solve this problem.

First, the simplest solution is to use a automatic Wi-Fi troubleshooter as offered on the Play Store. We recommend you in particular Wi-Fi auto-connect, Wifi Fixer and Cleaner et Wi-Fi Doctor.

Wi-Fi is all the more practical as it does not overload your data consumption on your Microsoft Lumia 650 : your telephone operator, 4G or 5G, generally does not charge for Wi-Fi as mobile data.

In addition, many places do not hesitate to offer relatively fast Wi-Fi networks.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to prefer connecting your Microsoft Lumia 650 to Wi-Fi rather than using a 4G or 5G cellular data service.

Not being able to connect to Wi-Fi with your Microsoft Lumia 650 is surely unpleasant: we often rely on Wi-Fi networks for greedy data needs, such as streaming video playback, or even online games.

Wi-Fi is particularly useful for using social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram or TikTok.

So let's see how to solve this Wi-Fi failure on your Microsoft Lumia 650.

First of all, do not hesitate to take a look at Google Wi-Fi troubleshooting help, which is often very useful.

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Setting the date and time on your Microsoft Lumia 650

It may sound benign, but one of the first things to do is to check if the date and time are up to date. If the date and time do not match the outside time then you need to adjust these parameters.

Indeed, for security reasons, many Wi-Fi networks will not give you access if the date and time are not correct on your Microsoft Lumia 650.

Open the “Settings” menu, then “Additional settings” and then “Date and time” From there, you can set the date and time on your Microsoft Lumia 650. It is best to choose the automatic setting for this parameter connects to your operator's network.

Then, remember to clear your Wi-Fi cache memory on your Microsoft Lumia 650. To do this, go to “Settings”, then “Additional settings” and “Application management”. Then search for "Wi-Fi settings", then press "Clear cache".

Repair your network with the WiFi Doctor app

Wi-Fi Doctor is a free Android app that can be used to scan Wi-Fi networks, and repair them, especially when the signal is too weak.

This application will help you to make the Wi-Fi network stronger, so that they can be used on your Microsoft Lumia 650 to access the internet. You can download the free Wi-Fi Doctor app from the Google Play Store. Also two very useful applications to unblock the Wi-Fi on your Microsoft Lumia 650 are Wi-Fi Fixer and Cleaner et WiFi Fix.

Restart the device or router

If the above method does not work and you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, try restarting your device. For those of you who use your own network, this method also applies to routers.

So do not hesitate to restart your Box or modem to reset the Wi-Fi.

Even though it sounds simple, this method is powerful enough in solving Wi-Fi issues. Then try to reconnect with your Microsoft Lumia 650 to try to get a connection to the internet.

Wi-Fi too slow on Microsoft Lumia 650

Too slow Wi-Fi mostly occurs on campus or in public areas with a lot of users.

Since the total bandwidth is limited, the number of users ends up making the Wi-Fi very slow for your Microsoft Lumia 650.

In some cases, the bandwidth per device is itself limited: your Microsoft Lumia 650 can then have access and not interfere with other devices. As a user, you can only ask the campus or the owner to improve the service and quality of the Wi-Fi zone.

Limited Wi-Fi

Another possibility where Wi-Fi cannot be connected is that the maximum number of users (number of IP addresses) has a limit on the network. The number of users may have reached this limit and new devices, like your Microsoft Lumia 650, cannot connect.

Specifically, a Wi-Fi service on a campus or cafe usually provides an IP address limit of up to 200. Once this limit is reached other users cannot connect.

To be able to connect, you must wait for other users to disconnect from the service.

This means that you have to wait for an IP address to become available.

You can only then connect your Microsoft Lumia 650 to the network.

In this kind of case, you as the user of the service cannot do anything: just wait for an IP to become free.

Check the network connection on your Microsoft Lumia 650

One of the first steps in spotting problems with a Wi-Fi connection is to make sure the feature is turned on.

It is quite common to forget to turn Wi-Fi on or off as needed. Activating the Wi-Fi on your Microsoft Lumia 650 is quite simple: all you have to do is slide your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen, then press the Wi-Fi symbol.

Another setting that should be turned off is airplane mode. When this feature is active, the Wi-Fi will automatically be turned off.

Indeed, with this option, all Internet connections are turned off.

You must therefore deactivate the airplane mode on your Microsoft Lumia 650.

These two methods are the most basic steps to troubleshoot a device that won't connect.

If both methods did not work on your Microsoft Lumia 650, you can try the following methods.

Check the forgotten networks on your Microsoft Lumia 650

The network forget function is intended to eliminate Wi-Fi on your Microsoft Lumia 650. This may interfere with your device's access to Wi-Fi.

To resolve this, try removing the network you want to connect to.

After that, you can try to reconnect.

To do so, just tap on the network you want to remove and select “Forget”. If you plan to reconnect through the network, you will need to start from scratch. This includes re-entering the required password.

Make sure the router name and password are correct

Another reason why your device cannot connect to the internet is probably because it is connected to the wrong network.

To do this, always make sure that your device is actually connected to the network you have chosen. You can check this via the “Settings” and “Wi-Fi” menu of your Microsoft Lumia 650. There, the name of the Wi-Fi network currently used will be displayed.

Once the connection is established to the correct network, double check the entered password. Password entry is available in this same menu.

Disable antivirus on your Microsoft Lumia 650

Antivirus programs are very useful for protecting your Microsoft Lumia 650 against malware.

These software are both offline and online threats.

But sometimes an antivirus can block Hotspot's services. Since these services are public, they can indeed represent a threat to the security of your Microsoft Lumia 650.

With some antivirus any Wi-Fi connection can also be blocked.

To counter this, you just need to turn off the antivirus when using Wi-Fi.

Perform a factory reset

This step is the last option as it can erase all data on the device. On the other hand, this method must be tried because a factory reset can remove all possible bugs on your Microsoft Lumia 650, we are thinking in particular of possible computer viruses that could cause your Wi-Fi to malfunction. delete absolutely all data from your Microsoft Lumia 650.

Therefore, before doing that, make sure to back up the files that are in the device including photos, videos and contacts.

Then, once these backups are done, you just have to open the "Settings". Then go to "Backup and reset" and select "Factory data reset".

Then turn on your Microsoft Lumia 650 again. You can immediately try to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network. If this does not change, the last step you can do is to have your Microsoft Lumia 650 repaired by an authorized specialist. Also, do not hesitate to invoke the guarantee if it is still valid.

Learn more about Wi-Fi

A device that can use Wi-Fi (such as a personal computer, video game console, or your Microsoft Lumia 650) can connect to a network source such as the Internet through a wireless network access point. These access points (or "Hotspots") have a range of about 20 meters indoors and even more outdoors.

Access point coverage can cover an area of ​​a few meters or several square kilometers: this is made possible by using multiple, overlapping access points. Be careful verify that you are in the coverage area by connecting with your Microsoft Lumia 650.

“Wi-Fi” is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance and a brand name for products using the IEEE 802.11 family of standards. Only Wi-Fi products that have completed the Wi-Fi Alliance Interoperability Certification Testing, such as your Microsoft Lumia 650, can use the “Wi-Fi Certified” name and mark.

Wi-Fi provides services in private homes, main streets, shops and public spaces through free or paid Wi-Fi hotspots.

It is very convenient for connecting to the Internet with your Microsoft Lumia 650 in all these places. Organizations and businesses, such as airports, hotels, and restaurants, typically offer free hotspots to attract visitors.

Do not hesitate to try to connect to various access points with your Microsoft Lumia 650 to test your connection. Operators or administrations wishing to provide services or even promote business in certain places sometimes offer free Wi-Fi access: take advantage of it!

With the advent of MiFi and WiBro (portable Wi-Fi routers, as available with tethering on your Microsoft Lumia 650), users can easily create their own Wi-Fi hotspots: Internet is then available through a cellular network.

This is a very good solution to save money and cancel your classic internet subscription: your Microsoft Lumia 650 can be used as a modem for any home via Wi-Fi connection sharing!

Now, Android, Bada, iOS (iPhone), Symbian devices, including your Microsoft Lumia 650 are able to establish wireless connections. Wi-Fi also connects places where you normally don't have access to the network, such as kitchens and garden houses.

We hope to have helped you in the best possible way to solve your Wi-Fi connection problem on your Microsoft Lumia 650.

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