How to conference on Infinix Surf Bravo

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How to conference on Infinix Surf Bravo

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How to conference on Infinix Surf Bravo

The conference call allows you to have several meetings between work colleagues, family or friends to prepare for an outing.

With current technologies, this is something that is accessible to everyone, and here we will show you how to use your Infinix Surf Bravo to do it at best. In the first part, we'll see how to do it natively on your Infinix Surf Bravo, and then we'll show you how applications can help you do this as well.

Merge calls on your Infinix Surf Bravo

It is the easiest system for making conferences on your phone.

The other advantage is that you don't need to install an app to do this type of conference.

Finally, this service can be free, excluding your operator's costs for calls from your Infinix Surf Bravo.

First step, call the first participant

The first step is very simple, you just need to call the first participant of your conference normally.

There are already two of you on the conference, bravo! Then pause the first contact by pressing the corresponding symbol on the screen of your Infinix Surf Bravo.

Second step, call the second participant from your Infinix Surf Bravo

Once the first contact has been called and paused, the second contact should be called. This step is a regular call, since your first contact has been put on hold.

Third step, merge calls

You can then merge the two calls.

All you have to do is press the 'merge calls' key on your Infinix Surf Bravo. You are now in a conference call.

You can go up to a certain number of participants.

Check with your operator for more details on this setting.

Use third-party applications on your Infinix Surf Bravo for conferencing

Another way to make conference calls is to install an application that offers this functionality. By typing 'conference call' in the Google Play Store of the Infinix Surf Bravo, you will have access to a large selection of applications offering it. Please note, some are free but others are chargeable.

It is up to you to carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. Look at user reviews too, this is usually a good source of reviews for every app.

How to conference on Infinix Surf Bravo

The particular case of Skype

One of the most popular applications for making conference calls is Skype on your Infinix Surf Bravo. It not only allows you to use voice, but also video if you and your contacts have cameras.

We recommend that you test before your scheduled conference time.

It is best to test if the conference works with three people connected.

This will put the odds in your favor when you make your conference together.

Prepare a few minutes in advance for the conference so that everything is ready. Finally, don't forget to send your contacts the conference reference so they can connect to your phone or video meeting on your Infinix Surf Bravo.

How to conference on Infinix Surf Bravo

In conclusion your Infinix Surf Bravo is a great tool for conferences

We have seen here how to conference your voice or video calls on Infinix Surf Bravo on your Infinix Surf Bravo. Do not forget to disconnect the conference when finished.

You would not want all your contacts to hear your conversations from your Infinix Surf Bravo. It would also be annoying to pay more in the case of a paid application just because you did not close the conference.

All expert teams are at your disposal if you need more information. Find all our articles on Infinix Surf Bravo to help you. In case of failure, the guarantee could ultimately be of good help to you.