Crackling or blurred mic on Oukitel K10000

Crackling or blurred mic on Oukitel K10000

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Crackling or blurred mic on Oukitel K10000

It sometimes happens that the microphone is scrambled on Oukitel K10000, crackling is the cause of many frustrations.

Don't worry, this problem can usually be easily fixed. We will see here how to have a clear and audible microphone on Oukitel K10000.

Try restarting your Oukitel K10000

A simple restart of your Oukitel K10000 may be the solution to this problem.

To do this, we recommend that you turn it off for at least 30 seconds, then turn it on again.

You will probably need your PIN code to do this.

Finally, to put the odds on your side, we advise you to remove and then replace the battery once your device has been turned off. You can refer to the instructions to do this.

Remove unnecessary apps

Sometimes, third-party applications can jam the signal on your microphone.

The crackling can also come from there. Indeed, some applications use a lot of resources on your Oukitel K10000 and thus may prevent it from working properly.

To test whether these are applications that make your Oukitel K10000 microphone sizzle, it is best to attempt a restart in the backup mode.

The instructions for your phone should help you restart in backup mode.

You can test your microphone again and see if it sizzles or the sound is scrambled.

Restart your Oukitel K10000 factory

Set to factory settings.

Indeed, it may be that an application is the cause of your loss of sound quality, or even a virus on your Android system. The solution may simply be to do a factory restart on your device. You can refer to our dedicated section on restarting with factory settings.

Crackling or blurred mic on Oukitel K10000

If the previous operations do not work

Have your phone repaired by an authorized repairer. Be careful to always ask for a quote beforehand.

You should find this type of repairman in most shopping centers. We do not advise you to give your phone to a non-professional. This could further aggravate the situation on your Oukitel K10000.

Make use of the guarantee

If you bought your Oukitel K10000 for less than a year then it is very likely that you have a warranty on it.

You can also ask your dealer if the warranty does not last longer.

Resell your phone on the second-hand market

Do not throw away your Oukitel K10000 under the pretext that the microphone sizzles or is scrambled. The best is to make someone happy who can tinker with it and put it back in good working order. Be careful, however, to erase all your personal data.

Crackling or blurred mic on Oukitel K10000

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