How to take a screenshot on Wiko Tommy

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  1. Hold the buttons at the same time "On / Off" and "Volume Down".
  2. Slide the side of your hand off left to right on the screen.
  3. Use a dedicated and free application.
  4. Scan the screen:
    • Press "Settings" then "Advanced functions".
    • You can select "Smart Capture" or "Scan to Capture" options.
  5. You can also try pressing "Power" and "Home" .
  6. Then view and share your capture on your Wiko Tommy.

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How to take a screenshot on Wiko Tommy

Take a screenshot on Wiko Tommy is surely quite useful for saving a map of the region, transmitting the very latest news in image format, or just making backup copies.

It's also super convenient for taking Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp or other social media snapshots. Also, you will see how Android allows you to do this natively and the possible ways to take a screenshot of your Wiko Tommy through the manufacturer's system. Finally, we will discuss the use of custom capture applications.

We will also show you how to find screenshots in your Wiko Tommy memory.

However, if you don't want to waste time, you could immediately use a specialized app on the App store for screenshots.

Take a screenshot using native Android technique on Wiko Tommy

Since the version four called Ice Cream Sandwich from Android, which is normally already there on your Wiko Tommy phone, it is quite easy to make a capture with your Wiko Tommy. Following the instruction booklet all you have to do is: to hold the volume key down on the one hand, at the same time, press the start key on your phone, well immediately after.

You might also want to use the following methods.

  1. Press and hold the 'On / Off' plus 'Home' buttons
  2. Double tap on 'Home'
  3. Press and hold 'Previous' and 'On / Off' on Wiko Tommy
  4. View your screenshot with your application dedicated to photos on Wiko Tommy

Be careful, press these two buttons simultaneously, so that neither of them is triggered. This might be a bit difficult to do with your Wiko Tommy model at startup, however once it's done it should feel easier.

When these two buttons could be pressed simultaneously you should see a short scene from the Android system: this is confirmation that your screenshot on your Wiko Tommy went well!

Take a screenshot via the system of the manufacturer of your Wiko Tommy

Warning: this method may not be available with your phone; especially depending on the software variant you have. On your model, you have to keep the On / Off buttons of your device pressed at the same time: as well as the key to return to the cover page.

This second button is found at the bottom of your smartphone.

It is surely possible to take a screenshot of your Wiko Tommy from the 'Option' menu on Wiko Tommy. This option is accessible from the main screen of your Wiko Tommy. You see in this first menu the possibility to make screenshots of your Wiko Tommy. But this option may be disabled depending on the type of operating system installed on your Wiko Tommy.

In conclusion, sometimes you just have to take the photo of your Wiko Tommy with another device. A smartphone of a loved one can be very useful in this case!

Take a screenshot on your Wiko Tommy via an app in the Application store

Many applications available on the Screenshots app store of the Wiko Tommy allow you to take copies of your device. Also, using the “Screenshot Easy” or “Super Screenshot” applications, downloadable on your Wiko Tommy, create screenshots. Look at user reviews to get an idea of ​​what kind of downloadable software and applications you will want to take advantage of.

And then, if you wish, they will be able to retain Wiko Tommy screenshots in Wiko Tommy memory or perhaps on SD cartridge, as you know. We won't go into details on how to use each app in this chapter, however.

Finally on no longer losing your captures from your smartphone in the memory of your smartphone

When this capture from your device is taken on the Wiko Tommy smartphone, it may be difficult to find it.

Don't worry, it's pretty straightforward when you know how to do it.

Usually from the 'Gallery' menu, which is available from your phone's home screen, you should see a folder there containing your captures from your phone.

Nothing could be easier to locate it: the very last one is displayed in front of the file.

This is why it is possible to delete, share or consult your copies of your Wiko Tommy as you see fit. Our entire team hopes that this tutorial has helped you make a recording on your Wiko Tommy..

A little recap: screenshot, Wiko Tommy

Usually version four of Android has native screen capture support: all other later versions have this capability as well.

This is why in older versions some devices supported the screenshot procedure with one of the following combinations, as you have seen.

  1. Press and hold the 'Home' and 'On / Off' buttons
  2. Press and hold 'Previous' plus 'On / Off' on Wiko Tommy
  3. Double tap on 'Home'

Also, your Wiko Tommy could take screenshots by pressing “Volume Down” plus “Power”. In general, it is in the section 'Gallery' and then 'screenshots' that you should find your capture.

On some devices that use Android which has been modified as possibly on your Wiko Tommy, the button combination and the storage location may vary.

In addition in case you connect a keyboard to "USB-OTG" pressing the print screen key will give the screenshot.

Usually there is no direct way to programmatically take screenshots in non-mandatory applications.

Anyway, on most devices these software can use the system screen capture formula without have special permissions.

You might also like to capture the screen on video on Wiko Tommy

You will be happy, it is quite possible to take a video screen capture on Wiko Tommy. Applications, available on the Play store for film captures can surely help with that.

The low frequency of the images via video recording, could lead to an action having the appearance of jumping instead of sinking smoothly. Usually the screen recording capability of some screen capture programs is an efficient way to create user manuals and mementos, but the resulting files could often be large.

Although, increasingly powerful, standard computers generally might not yet be fast enough to play videos and capture them at the same quality as professional frame rates, i.e. thirty fps. .

Of course, an increased frame rate on Wiko Tommy is not required even to get a fairly good tape.

In reality, that's no problem if you're just capturing desktop video: it requires a lot less power than shooting video playback, and it's damn possible to capture at 30fps.

However: this may differ if we change the display quality of the desktop but also the reprocessing obligations required for the capture app and many other determinants.

Questions about copyright and usage rights

It should be noted that some companies are of the opinion that the use of screenshots could be a waiver of copyright and intellectual property rights on their program as it includes work that comes from certain constituents and from other works, created for their particular program.

Usually with the principle of correct use in the United States or on French territory, or similar legislation in other jurisdictions, thanks to the principle of reasonable use, independently of copyright the captures screens on your Wiko Tommy can be normally used, however.

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