How to block anonymous calls on your Pantech PG-3500

How to block anonymous calls on your Pantech PG-3500

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Protection against access to anonymous calls on its Pantech PG-3500

Indeed, anonymous calls can sometimes be irritating or even alarming.

Also, we show you here, how to block them to best avoid these hidden, anonymous or unknown calls and messages.

Block hidden calls and texts from the Gmail inbox on your Pantech PG-3500

Communications, or anonymous or hidden messages, can often be difficult to block, with the normal blocking process consisting of registering the account which is then blocked. There is a solution: register your "anonymous" or "unknown" number in your Google correspondent from your PC. You can then save it with this unknown profile.

Synchronization of your Pantech PG-3500 to block anonymous calls

Once this account has been registered with your Gmail phone profile on your computer, you will need to synchronize your Pantech PG-3500. A new profile will then be created, the one you created from your computer.

You want to activate it using the menu of your Pantech PG-3500 contact file. Unknown calls could now be blocked ... No more unwanted melodies will be received.

Either way, you can have a Google phone profile to use the technique presented.

This is why the one which created an Android number for your Pantech PG-3500 can be used. A new Google contact can be created in case needed.

As another solution, use an app from the Play Store to block your anonymous calls

Downloading an app to block unknown calls is also an easier solution than the previous one.

By typing 'blocking unknown calls' on the app store, you are heading towards the solution. For real the applications could be many and varied for that. Feedback from users of these applications will be of great help in your choice of download. A popular and prominent application is 'You Mail'. This app is the one you need to be effective.

How to block anonymous calls on your Pantech PG-3500

Many people discuss this App online and also its use for Pantech PG-3500.

And in case you want to install firewalls instead

From the Play Store you will need to download antivirus software to get calls only from your contact list.

You can block anonymous calls just like this. This software package, once configured as best as possible for you, can then allow you to no longer receive unwanted phone calls.

You may no longer see anonymous phone calls at all.

Finally: blocking anonymous calls on any Pantech PG-3500

Sure, we have just seen two methods to block anonymous calls on the Pantech PG-3500. Consequently, since you will not have to go through the classic functionality of recording the number and then blocking it, we recommend that you use the Gmail number, or a third-party app, as described above.

How to block anonymous calls on your Pantech PG-3500

Also your Pantech PG-3500 could block anonymous calls with the right handling, you want to contact an expert in case you can not do this. Hopefully, this document will have given you some information, so you can forget about this slight hassle with such a phone.

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