Transfer your photos from your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC

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Transfer your photos from your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC

It is possible that the internal memory of your Amazon Fire Phone is full and therefore you can no longer save or download anything on your Smartphone.

This can happen very frequently if your Amazon Fire Phone does not have a large internal memory.

Don't worry, it's very easy to transfer photos from your Amazon Fire Phone to your computer so that you can take new photos.

Through this tutorial, we will explain to you first, how to transfer your photos to your computer using your USB cable, secondly through the Google Photos application on your Amazon Fire Phone, thirdly through third-party applications and finally through the use of the Dropbox app.

Transfer your photos using your USB cable from your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC

By purchasing your phone, a USB socket and cable are provided to charge your Amazon Fire Phone.

The USB cable has dual function: recharge your Amazon Fire Phone and connect it to your PC. First, take your USB cable then plug it into your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC, which must be turned on. Once done, wait a few seconds then go to the file explorer where there will be a folder called "Removable Disk" or the name of your phone.

Click on it, then a folder called "Internal storage" will appear where you should also click on it.

Here are all the photos of your phone are in this folder.

You just have to transfer your photos from this folder to another folder that you will have created before.

Transfer your photos from your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC using Google Photos

On your Amazon Fire Phone, a multitude of services are offered by Google, including Google Photos.

If the app does not appear on your Amazon Fire Phone, then download it from Google Play Store by searching for “Photos” from Google Inc. This app allows you to upload and share photos from your Smartphone.

First of all, before downloading the app, make sure that your photos are in JPEG format, that they are no larger than 16 megapixels, and your videos are no larger than 1080p. To start, click on the “Photos” application which corresponds to Google Photos then identify yourself on the application. At the top left of your Amazon Fire Phone, click on “Settings” then on “Save and synchronize” to enable the saving of photos to your Google Photos account.

Your photos and videos are now in your Google Photos account, which is accessible from your computer.

We recommend that you choose to sync your photos over Wi-Fi, which will prevent excessive use of your cellular data.

Transfer your photos from your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC with downloadable applications

Transfer of your photos and videos via third-party applications

There are a lot of apps available on Google Play Store that allow you to save and transfer your photos and videos to an application and to your PC. You just have to type "transfer photos" and you will find a multitude of applications.

Be careful, some applications are free and others are paid, so think about the advantages and disadvantages that you could get from this application. Finally, consult the opinions left by the users of the application, it will help you in your choice.

The example of the Dropbox application

There is another way to transfer your photos to your PC by installing an app called Dropbox available from Google Play Store on your Amazon Fire Phone.

This app allows you to backup, sync and send your files across all your devices.

First, install the app on your Amazon Fire Phone and on your PC and follow the instructions to create your account.

During the installation, Dropbox will ask you if you want your photos to be uploaded only by Wifi or by Wifi and / or cellular data.

We recommend that you select the transfer only via Wifi in order to avoid too much consumption of your cellular data.

Then, select the photos you want to save, click on “Share” then on “Add to Dropbox” and you add your photos in a folder of the application. Your photos are therefore available on the application from your phone and on your PC.

To conclude, your phone is a great photo storage tool.

Your Amazon Fire Phone has the ability to take photos and videos as well as store them on its internal memory or through a downloaded application, which ensures a recording on your phone and on your PC, once they have already been connected. . You will therefore not lose your photos and videos if you have correctly performed all the operations that we have explained to you.

In case of problem, do not hesitate to contact a specialist or a friend specializing in technology, who will help you transfer your photos from your Amazon Fire Phone to your PC.

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